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Generate leads and sales with with my award-winning website funnel framework, proven to work for businesses in {{mpg_location}} to generate more traffic, leads and sales. No more bloated agencies, clunky templates, or amatures to slow you down.

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As a business owner, your goal is to get clients and customers, then retain them... but it’s not easy, is it?

Still trying to generate leads with social media posts and boring networking meetings?

Those 1-minute pitches, business cards, and half-hearted social media posts are definitely not the most effective ways to generate customers that will be excited to work with you.

  • Hard to communicate your unique offerings
  • Hard to stand out when everyone is doing the same thing
  • Hard to know what your customers actually want

Wouldn't it be great if there was a way to get customers actually coming to you and willingly giving you their details every day, rather than you having to go out chasing them?

Well with my award-winning lead generation funnel framework, there is!

Are you still planning to get a website with the usual pages and bold promises, hoping somehow it performs better than your previous one?

Website designers have been making the same underperforming websites with the usual array of "home, about, contact, our services" pages for decades now, these pages don’t fit with how people behave online. They are boring, confusing and don’t tell your clients a clear story.

With your current site or marketing efforts, do you find yourself asking:

  • “Are paid ads really working for other people? Why aren't they working for me?”
  • “Why aren't more of these people opting in?”
  • “What are you going to do next to improve these numbers and why?”

You're not alone.

The problem lies with how "traditional" websites are structured and how so-called "experts" are all just copying eachother. You need something different.

My lead-generation funnel was designed to simplify and streamline your life as a business owner

How my award-winning lead generation funnel works

Bring qualified leads in on demand with a clever hook and traffic on autopilot

My Lead Generation Funnel is the only solution that has your ideal customer coming to you, willing you giving you their information about their requirements and permission to contact them - best of all, it's fully GDPR compliant. Unlike 99% of websites, it’s designed specifically to generate leads for your business…


Figure out what your target market really wants to know.

Your ideal customer always wants to know some crucial piece of information. This might be a cost, a score, a technique, a tip, or something else. If you can figure out what this "thing" is, you can create compelling hooks like:

  • What's killing your website's SEO score? Find out now!
  • What your home energy efficiency score? Find out here!
  • Want to know how much our service costs? Use our estimator here!

I walk through the customer process to help you create a good hook that can entice your ideal customer.


Create a funnel that has your ideal customers willingly submitting their information to you to become a lead.

Using the question in step one as your bait, we offer something enticing and rewarding at the end of our funnel. What is killing my SEO on my site? What one trick can I use to loose weight? What is my home energy efficiency score? I'd love to know!

  • Present questions to your ideal customers that will help them get that one piece of information they are after
  • Ask specific questions that help qualify them as buyers or good prospects
  • Deliver on your promise of that one crucial bit of information they want at the end

This process is so engaging that people often even share the funnel with their friends and family, going viral and generating more prospects than you'll know what to do with!


Cherry-pick only the best and most qualified customers from your list of leads.

Now you've got a list of prospects, you can go through and select the perfect ones that match your criteria to follow up on:

  • Do they have the right budget?
  • Are their expectations realistic?
  • Is this my target customer?

Once you've narrowed it down, there's only one thing left to do...


Follow up on your qualified leads with offers and information to help close your sales.

You know which people need your service (why would they have moved through your funnel otherwise?) and you can target just qualified buyers with special offers to get them to buy your product or service. You can speed up the decision process with:

  • Special coupon codes
  • Seasonal offers
  • Emails made specifically for them
  • Understanding their needs and listening to them!

Why waste any more time?

You're Moments Away From Turning Your Online Presence into a lead generation machine

No more early morning meetings, no more "can you lower the price", no more hoping Google will just magically rank you higher. Start generating leads on demand with Chris Converts. I'll personally help guide and coach you to get you get started in your lead generation journey.

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