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We'll arrange a video call consultation where one of our experts will learn your business requirements, strategise then send you an action plan.

Our Strategic Reviews are like the free review but much more detailed, highlighting problems and making recommendations specific to your websites needs. Strategic reviews are easily understandable, meaning any website owner can implement our recommendations themselves. Should you require any assistance, our team would be happy to help.

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With over 8 years of experience under our belt and hundreds of happy clients, we're certain that there's a solution for you. We have experts in; SEO, graphic design, marketing, brand development, web design and web development.

Some of the sectors we're currently working in are;

  • Accountancy & Finance
  • Charity 
  • Construction & Property
  • Education
  • Hospitality & Events
  • Law
  • Marketing
  • Retail

"The strategic review is amazing! We implemented the recommendations and started seeing results straight away"

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Free Marketing Review

  • 8 Focus Points.
  • Landing Page Only.
  • Recommend alterations.
  • Video Call Consultation.
  • Online Support.

Strategic Marketing Review

  • Up to 20 Focus Points.
  • Review Up to 5 pages.
  • Recommend alterations.
  • Video Call Consultation.
  • Online Support.

What Focus Points Do We Look At?

Like the free review, the strategic review will focus on the key ingredients on your website. However, we shall provide a more in-depth analysis and highlight up to 20 points for improvement. 

  • Recommend design alterations on your website.
  • Provide feedback on the responsiveness of your website across all five view-ports. 
  • Suggest improvements on the clarity of visual design and typography.
  • Suggest improvements with regards to the complexity of words and sentence structure.
  • Suggested improvements with regards to text and drawing valid conclusions.
  • Help optimise your call to actions (CTA's) making sure they're clear and well positioned.
  • Make recommendations with regards to your titles and meta description (SEO).
  • Make recommendations for your social media advertising.
  • Look at your competitors websites, see how they perform in comparison to yours and why.

"The free review was great... The strategic review was was a game changer. Looking forward to working with Chris Converts in the future"

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If you have a broken website; please inform us in the message section, otherwise we may disregard your application. Depending on the volume of submissions we may take longer than one week to respond with your review. We do not share your data with anyone, ever. All data collected by Chris Converts is solely for use by Chris Converts and sister company Williams Graphics.